Valuations & Consultancy

Working with a team of real estate specialists, React Estate Agents delivers a broad spectrum of valuation and consultancy services to private individuals, investors and organisations operating in multiple sectors. This includes the corporate, banking, government, audit and insurance sectors, as well as property developers, investors, buyers, sellers, investment funds and contractors.


An accurate valuation of real estate collateral is critical in the conclusion of investment decisions and mortgage securitisation for financial institutions, banks, property developers, investors and fund managers. At React Estate Agents, we will connect you with the right valuation professionals who can appraise a range of property types, from standalone to entire portfolios, utilising several valuation methodologies and innovative technology-driven valuation software. We work with a well-respected chartered surveyors’ valuation office based in Nicosia but with offices in other cities around Cyprus.

Valuation services are conducted across all sectors of real estate and are factored into all matters concerning mortgage security, pre-purchase and/or sale of real estate assets, financial reporting and market analysis.


We provide a range of real estate consultancy services to help you make smart decisions regarding the sale or purchase of residential, commercial, retail, leisure and mixed-use properties or developments. We draw on local and international property market expertise to ensure that you are properly informed on all areas of real estate development, construction and management, and we deliver practical solutions to address complex market-related challenges and above all, reduce risk. We help you achieve your objectives in the acquisition or disposal of assets, ensuring that your legitimate interests are always protected.

Consultancy services include investment advisory, due diligence, market feasibility studies, planning applications and negotiations, real estate evaluation, land assessment, financial impact analysis and legal support, among others.